KTN-139 Deluxe Charter Fishing

Family Friendly Tour

boy-fishingKetchikan is the Salmon Fishing Capital of the world. What better way to spend a half a day there than to go fishing!

Your charter guide will greet you at the dock where you will then board your fishing boat for this wonderful fishing trip. Your catch can be shipped home for an extra fee for processing and FedEx charges.

In addition to the above, the Deluxe Charter includes gourmet cookies and snacks and you can book up to 10 passengers on this vessel. You will have an unbelievable experience on this 36′ custom-designed boat–one of only a handful built to accommodate more than six passengers. It has a heated galley with seating for your comfort. Please note that there can just be 6 poles fishing at a time, so you’ll need to take turns when you have a group.

Your trip will focus on fishing for salmon. An 11’x11′ fishing cockpit area allows ample space for fishing. It also has specially designed internal tanks to hold your catch.
You will be fully outfitted when you go with one of our charter boats. Book early for this fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Processing Fees: Approx. $4.80 lb.—fish will be cleaned, filleted, vacuum-packed, flash frozen and shipped overnight express with a minimum of $80 (prices subject to change) engfamily



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