KTN-130 Traitor’s Cove Bear Watching Observatory

A Family Friendly Tour

Take a short 20-minute flight over the lush wilderness of the Tongass National Forest and arrive at Traitors Cove. You’ll be met at the dock by your personal Alaska bear viewing guide and driven about a quarter mile into the forest to the Margarite Creek Bear Viewing observatory platform. After a short, easy walk up to the wildlife viewing platform, you’ll be at a prime location to see Alaska’s REAL fisherman! Black bears can be seen plunging into the rushing water to eat wild salmon that are going upstream to spawn.

Besides bears feeding, you’ll also likely see Bald Eagles, as well as the salmon battling their way upstream. Your naturalist/guide will answer any questions you have about the local wildlife, flora and fauna.

The U.S. Forest Service restricts access to Margarite Observatory by permit, so only small numbers of visitors have the opportunity to visit this incredible site. It’s not to be missed.