JNU-225 (new) Dog Sled Tour With An Extra Landing

The only way to experience the best of both tours.

Duration : 3.5 hours (transportation time included)

If you’re having trouble picking between a landing at the lower level of the glacier to view crevasses and beautiful features of glacial movement, and an authentic dog sled tour on an amazing expanse of glacial snow, look no further. This tour combines the best of both options, providing the full experience at the dog camp with an incredible walkabout at the lower level of the glacier.

Dogsledding on the Herbert Glacier is a one of a kind experience, but we’ve made it even better with an extra landing at the lower level of the Herbert Glacier! Working in cooperation with Sebastian Schnuelle and his team of mushers at Blue Kennels, we orchestrate a thrilling adventure over vast expanses of Alaskan snow on the Herbert Glacier. You’ll spend an hour at the dog camp, learning about the lives of mushers and the lifestyles of their dogs and mushing an authentic racing team. On the trail you’ll have plenty of stops to ensure that each passenger has the opportunity to actually mush the dogs, you’ll wish you could be up there year round!

Then, on the return leg of your experience, we land your party at a lower level of the Herbert Glacier to see some beautiful features of glacial movement that are really highlighted at the more advanced edge of the glacier. There you’ll have the opportunity to add the memory, and photos, of moulins, crevasses, ice falls and the iconic blue glacier ice to your experience.

The tour is approximately 2 hours from take off to landing at the helicopter base.

Transportation: Will be provided to and from the downtown cruise ship docking area at no additional cost.

What to wear: Dress warmly and in layers. Often the temperature on the glacier is colder than you are used to. You will be outfitted with a glacier over-boot prior to embarking on your trip. Don’t forget your sunglasses! Hats and gloves are available when you arrive at your destination should you forget to bring yours. Remember to bring your camera and plenty of film. These tours are for EVERYONE. No minimum fitness level is required.

Safety: Customer safety is our primary concern. Whether you are joining us for your first helicopter experience or as a seasoned veteran heading back to work in a remote region, our staff is here to make sure you are comfortable from take off to landing. Throughout the year we subject our aircraft, pilots, maintenance and support staff not only to training and inspections required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), but also to independent and internal audits, inspections by the Office of Aircraft Services (OAS) /U.S. Forest Service and are very committed to the Alaska Air Carriers Association’s Medallion Program (providing a level of safety for all passengers above and beyond that required by the FAA).

*Restrictions: Passenger names and weights are required by the FAA for weight and balance calculations and flight manifesting. To ensure the comfort of all travelers, passengers weighing weighing 280 pounds (clothed weight) or more must pay an additional $100.00 to secure extra space in the aircraft.