Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome your business and your questions about our tours.  Having been in the Alaska tour industry since 1989 we are frequently asked the following questions:

What’s the difference between independent excursions and those offered by the cruise ship?

 Cruise ships contract with tour operators who are capable of dealing with hundreds of passengers each day.  Our tours  are run by smaller operators; your tour will be a much more personal experience.

My travel agent says I am only permitted to book excursions through the cruise ship!  Is this true?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  You are free to book your shore excursions with whomever you please.  Your travel agent may just want to be assured of receiving a commission for your tours. 

The cruise ship says that if I don’t book through them, I won’t be guaranteed to get back to the boat in time for departure!  

When you make a reservation with us, we carefully research and double check your itinerary to ensure that you have plenty of time for your desired activities.  We always make sure you are returned to your ship at least an hour before departure.  None of our guests have ever missed a ship!

Can I sign up for these tours directly with the cruise ship? 

No.  We offer our shore excursions independently from the cruise ship excursions saving you time and money. Although many of our tours are similar to ones that you will find through the cruise we offer distinct advantages to their tours. In addition to saving you money, our tours allow you to get away from the crowds with personalized service and small groups.

You have a tour that sounds very similar to one the cruise ship offers, but yours is shorter and less expensive.  Am I getting a lesser trip? 

Absolutely not.  It simply takes a lot less time to load and unload or stop for restroom breaks when you’re dealing with ten or twenty passengers as opposed to 60 or 70.   We’re confident you’ll get more enjoyment out of our tour.

How do we know where to meet?  

Once you have booked your trips with us we will email and/or mail you a personalized E-ticket providing you with all the information you will need.  The planning information will list the name of your ship, each port of call with your arrival and departure times, the time of your scheduled tour, the meeting place and the time to allow for the excursion.  Each of our customers is handled individually.

What happens if my ship arrives in port late or weather causes a change in the port of call?  What if the tour is cancelled? 

If your ship arrives too late for a scheduled tour we will do everything we can to accommodate you for a different time.  If this is not possible, you will be refunded in full.  Should your ship cancel a port of call altogether,  you will receive a full refund. If the tour operator cancels the tour due to weather conditions you will be refunded in full—but remember, this is Alaska!  Most of our tours run rain or shine!

What about safety?

We have carefully hand-picked our tour operators to ensure that your trip will be safe, as well as enjoyable.  All our providers have impeccable safety records.  In order to obtain a business license, tour operators are required to maintain high levels of insurance coverage.

Speaking of insurance, should I purchase travel insurance?

It could save you a lot of money should you become ill or get injured and be unable to travel.  If you get sick while on your cruise, travel insurance would reimburse you for any missed shore excursions.

Our whole family is taking a cruise together and we want to do some tours separately, but we want to do at least one trip together as a family. Can you plan all our activities?

Yes, we do this all the time.  We’ll help you plan a special activity for your whole group and for individuals who have particular interests. We’re happy to give you suggestions that suit your needs. You’ll get a comprehensive itinerary for each port of call and coordinate all family activities so you all know what each member is doing. 

Can you plan a special celebration for an anniversary or birthday?

Absolutely! We have arranged birthday parties, unique picnics and private tours for our customers. Whether it is a family reunion or a private honeymoon celebration, we can make your arrangements come true.